Is media really necessary?

  Am încercat să scriu un eseu, cu temă specifică și dată, dar cum sunt eu specialist în a face ce nu trebuie, am deviat și debitat. Textul fiind rupt din nimic, eu vă doresc lectură faină. Ah, da, e în engleză și era mai grăsuț textul pe A4, scris de mână.

  I believe that in an era where passive people are clearly in the lead, the few active and self-aware people need to create a way to enhance one’s consciousness levels. Thus, media was born and became the rightful weapon of mass accountability.
  While many of us stay inside the house, living a simple life, the world around us evolves and changes by the second, catching us off guard almost all the time. In order to prevent life-changing surprises, we ought to embrace the importance of information in our lives, hence letting the beacon of enlightenment called mass media to act as an alarm or as a filter for our thoughts.
   For example, in times of utter change, like the change of a regime, the quality and quantity of information is vital to urge and move the masses into a certain direction. Furthermore, mass media will act as a live journal of the event, hence connecting and synchronising the whole population as one.
   Nonetheless, when changes in one’s state constitution appear, there is a need for awareness and clarity to bring forth to the people the unaltered information and urge them to think, act and not to follow blindly.
  Overall, it is my view that the media will always be important in our lives and it will act as an impersonal guardian of our rights.



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