Web 2.0, a poem.

by kunalex

We download, we upload,asd
We share, we dare,
We trust because we must,
The world wide web is definitely,
A web.

As we share, we grow,
We may catch a bug,
Yes.We know,
But a quick shade of pure,
Kills the bug being helped by,
A lure.

As we write, we see,
The world, as a bee,
Travelling heavily,
Connecting us as a we,
The ultimate tribe,
A sole.

There is no time,
In the world, for the rhyme
We must have that and this,
Now or never, at least
Give us a way,
A list.

We twit, we like.
We provoke, we hide.
In a search we go,
Thus, we try to find,
Under the shadow of goo,
A friend.

When we search, we say
When we connect, we say,
Two words and one goal,
A world wide web.


*Spam of commas, i know.


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